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Cognitif Ltd is the business name for my freelance and consulting services. My name is Tim Spencer, and I have been working with brands on identity, place, expression, change and futures for over twenty years.

If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch through the form below. I can be hired for freelance brand strategy development, or as a consultant in semiotics and culture to contribute to your strategic development. I work directly with clients as a specialist in semiotics and cultural intelligence, and with agencies on contract as in-house strategy resource.

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Recent Clients

I work across many territories and categories.
Here is a list of clients from the last 12 months:



The Pineapple Lounge


The Canadian Armed Forces

Koninklijke Landmacht (The Royal Netherlands Army)

Just Eat


I have also been commissioned to provide research, analysis and cultural insight work on the following subjects in the last year:

Generation Alpha and isolation
Speculations on Covid effects, Present & Future

Anticipating mass vaccination roll-out in the age of vaccine hesitancy

The changing lifestyle landscape for centennials

About me

I studied communication art and theory at Central Saint Martins (1991-1993). The academic half of my degree was in semiotic theory and cultural research theory.

I worked as a designer, creative director and director of creative strategy in the fashion and music industries for numerous clients across the 90's and 00's.

I also consulted for commercial branding agencies on corporate branding and repositioning projects during that time.

In 2005 I temporarily withdrew from creative and strategy direction for a year or two in order to have more time to experience starting a family. I moved to the coast and set up a commercial illustration studio. It was unexpectedly succesful and I ran my studio for five years. It ultimately came to an end in 2010, as a result of the 2008 global economic crisis.

I then spent five years at a specialist commercial semiotics consultancy and a large market research agency, working with global brands to develop culturally attuned strategies.

Since 2015 I have been self-employed working for a diverse range of clients on strategy and insight projects.

I also provide semiotics and cultural insight training programs to advertising agencies, design companies, research groups and U.N militaries.